KAKA Travel Backpack Review Carry On Backpack 2022

Whether you are taking a stroll through the woods, hiking in the mountains or trekking with your friends and family, the kaka Travel Backpack   is undoubtedly the best travel buddy you can ever have.

We simply love everything about this backpack - from its material, layout and big size to its tech features and stylish design.

In this KAKA Travel Backpack Review, we are going to discuss these features in more detail. Buckle up, as you are going to find out whether this backpack truly deserves all the hype and worth every penny or not.

KAKA Travel Backpack

KAKA brand is one of our most favourites amongst all the backpack manufacturing companies based in China. They are well-known for creating the most durable bags to accompany travellers in their journey.

You'll find this backpack available in only 3 different colours - black, olive green and navy blue. The backpack also comes in two different sizes - 20.5" and 22.5". The one we are reviewing now, it's the medium size and has a storage capacity of 35L max.
Not only adults can use it for office, even for university-going peeps, this bag from KAKA is undoubtedly one of the Best Backpacks For Engineering Students. You can carry your laptops, MacBook, Tablets, books, files, equipment and everything in the main compartment.

However, just to let you know, in case you are willing to use this travel backpack as a college bag or work bag, the sad news is - there is no designated compartment for carrying lunch boxes or tiffin. 

You'll have to pack your lunch in a separate bag. If you don't have one at your home, you can read our article on the Best Lunch Bag For Teachers and get yourself one from the list.

What we really admire the most about the KAKA Travel backpack is its unisex design. The layout and design are not too flashy and vibrant, rather it's simple and classy. Both men and women can use it in their daily lives without hesitation.

Another great aspect is that most customers have confirmed its longevity. Meaning, the material, build quality, fabric quality - everything is very durable and of high quality. You will be able to use it regularly for at least 3-4 years.

Oh, have we told you about the anti-theft technology yet? All the compartments have zippers and lock systems that ensure high security when travelling.

Here's a quick overview of all the advantages and drawbacks of this backpack, compiled based on customer feedbacks,


  • Product Brand: KAKA 
  • Color: L-green
  • Size: ‎20.5 inch
  • Material: ‎Oxford
  • Suggested Users: ‎Unisex And adult
  • Manufacturer: KAKA Store
  • Item Weight: ‎3.68 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 12.6 x 21.6 inches
  • Sport Type backpack: Hiking, And Climbing And Mountaineering,


  • Terylene Oxford Material is very tough, durable and sturdy.
  • Advanced anti-theft technology to keep your belongings secured.
  • Resistant to tears and scratches.
  • Roomy large compartments (a total of 10 pockets)
  • Can easily hold a 17" laptop.
  • Water-resistant material makes it suitable for rainy days. 
  • Shoulder straps are padded for extra comfort.
  • Premium built and unisex design


  • USB charging port not available. 
  • No designated compartment for sleeping bags.

KAKA Backpack Buying Guide Step By Step 2022

Before you actually pop up on Amazon and order this backpack right away, there are things you must keep in mind.

Check if it's compatible with your height. If you are short-heighted, it will be too big for you. As a result, it will hang lower below your waist which is very uncomfortable.

Just to warn you beforehand, this backpack can be a little too heavy for everyday use, since it weighs almost 4 pounds when empty.

One last reminder, this KAKA travel bag does not contain any backpack sleeping bag compartment at the base, so you won't be able to carry with you tents or sleeping bags. 

Top 5 benefits of Using KAKA Backpack

KAKA Travel Backpack

There are multiple stunning features of this backpack. Amongst all of them, we have highlighted the top 5 of them.

1 Large Compartments

There are 10 pockets in total. You've got 2 on the sides for fitting in water bottles. And in the remaining 8 compartments, you can carry laptops, books, work files, clothes, toiletries etc. 

2 Strong Material

This backpack is very tough and sturdy. It’s built with high-quality oxford terylene material. 
This rigid backpack will hence not be worn out due to scratches and tears, making it ideal for long-term use. 

3 Water Resistance

All the compartments of this backpack are resistant to water. The material will not absorb your sweat, steam, water spillages or rain water droplets. This is a great advantage especially if it rains quite often in your country. 

But if anyone happens to spill drinks on your backpack, you will have to clean the area thoroughly. Otherwise, it will smell weird. If you need an in-depth guide on how to wash backpacks like this, make sure to read our detailed article on How To Wash a JanSport Backpack.

4 Back and Shoulder Straps

All the straps of this backpack are well-padded. It's unlikely that you will strain your back or neck when carrying this backpack on your shoulders for long hours while hiking. 

Oh, not to mention, you can also adjust the belt straps on your shoulders for maximum comfort. You can tighten them or loosen them to your preference whenever you like.

5 Multiple Applications

This backpack is honestly very versatile. You can use it for international travel purposes. You can use it for week-end getaways, short trips, vacations, hiking, trekking, mountaineering, climbing and what not. 

You can also use this backpack for office days, business meetings and university classes.


1 Can you fit an 18" laptop? 

Answer: Unfortunately no. Only 17" laptops will fit in the main compartment.

2 Can you wash it in a washing machine?

Answer: Yes you can, but hand washing is better for the material's longevity.

3 Is this backpack good for travelling to other countries?

Answer: Yes, this backpack is suitable for  short international travel durations like 2 weeks.


We believe, if you spend your money on this carry-on travel backpack from KAKA, it
won't go in vain because of its praiseworthy multi-functional features. Let us know in
the comments below if you have used this backpack.