What Color Backpack Should I get for high school In 2020

When we are at a store looking for a classy backpack to buy to accompany us to university or travel trips, the first question that pops up in our mind is - what colour backpack should I get !!

Trust me, this is a very common dilemma everyone has experienced in their life, not only when buying backpacks but clothes, watches, wallets and all other fashion accessories.

How do you know which colour backpack should go with your outfit? What colour backpack is more appropriate for formal workplaces? Which backpack colour bends in with the crowd?

Well, keep reading to find out all the answers to your questions!

Let me ask you a question first. In today's century, who doesn't want to stay fashion forward? I know, all of us do. Most men and women like to coordinate their outfit with the colour of their backpack and vice versa.

The right colour schemes and matching the right colour combinations enable the people around you to identify you as someone with a high standard of aesthetics with a great sense of fashion and style.

So in a nutshell, yes colour matters a lot. It has enough potential to make you look like a dumbhead in a crowd or a style icon and diva! That is why choosing the right backpack colour to represent your personality is very important.

What colour backpack should I get for school

Students generally wear casual clothes to school. In that case, neutral-colored backpacks will complement their school attire more.

For school-going boys, muted shades in their backpack will radiate classy vibes, such as - black, grey, charcoal, olive green, coffee or navy blue.

For on-going school girls, neutral colours like beige, dreamy pink, light blue, coffee, teal or tan will suit more. 

What colour backpack should I get for college

For graduate school, you would want a backpack that reflects the overall transition into a more 'mature you' from the 'high school you'.

Most high-school backpacks have cartoon characters, anime prints, rainbow colour patterns, or pictures of one's favourite celebrities.

Therefore, people generally don't expect the above features in a college backpack. A one-coloured backpack with a simple layout generally complements the aura of teenadults.

You can unhesitatingly go for black. Or try to go for backpacks with muted hues like chocolate and mud colours, to help you bend in with the crowd. Nude colours would suit ladies more.

If you're a college student who needs more guidance on choosing the right backpack, make sure to read our article on best backpacks for engineering students.

All in all, don't let the inner-child inside you allure you into neon-colours. It’s not a good idea to try to stand out with bright, vivid and eye-popping colours. You could end up being the laughing stock of your classmates.

What colour backpack should I get for hiking

For choosing a backpack for hiking, you can go for the most versatile kanken colour. Make sure the colour that you choose for your backpack complements with the rest of your hiking equipment.

Colours to avoid when hiking

Keep another thing in mind, if you are going for a hike in summer or any hot day, you should consider avoiding black because black absorbs heat.

So what's more classy and smart other than black? The colour grey. If all your hiking equipment is mostly of neutral colours or muted shades, you can go for a backpack of dark grey colour like charcoal.

How to choose the colour of your travel backpack

Travelling outdoors in the woods simply means your backpack will get dirty more regularly. If you don't want to go through the hassle of washing your backpack every now and then, you should go for a bold colour.

Bold colours or dark muted colours like matte black, navy blue, dark brown or teal should look good in a travel backpack.

If you’re looking for a travel backpack within these colour options, you can read our article on KAKA Travel Backpack Review to see if it works for you.

What's the best colour for a tactical backpack

Mossy green or olive green tactical backpacks are very trendy these days. You can also go for the seaweed colour or sacramento when choosing an assault pack.

Blacks and different shades of greys generally go with every backpack - be it for travel or for college.

Apart from them, earth tones and coyote colours generally look elegant in a tactical backpack.

What does your backpack colour say about you

Honestly…the colour of your backpack can reveal a lot about your personality.

A black backpack or backpacks with dark hues such as charcoal help its owner blend in with the crowd. This would mean you're probably shy and introverted in nature. You don't like standing out or being in the limelight.

On the other hand, neon colours like lime green, yellow or orange would indicate you’re a very social, engaging and lively person in nature, always fun to hangout with.

Furthermore, blue or green colours represent peace, harmony and naturalism. If your backpack displays these colours, it probably means you're a peace-loving, calm person in general and very down-to-earth as a person.

Lastly, bright eye-popping colours such as red implies strong passion, love and determination. If your backpack is red in colour, you’re basically sending the message to the peeps around you that you’re bold, fearless and determined to reach your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do black backpacks get hot?

Answer: Yes they do. Not only black, darker colours in general absorb more heat in the presence of sunlight than light colours.

Q. Should I get a red backpack?

Answer: If your wardrobe has clothes full of wild and adventurous colour palette, you can go for a red backpack as long as it complements the outfit you’re wearing.

Q. Do white backpacks get dirty easily?

Answer: All backpacks get dirty, it's just that the filth is more visible in a white one or light-colored ones.

Final Thoughts

Are you still wondering, What colour backpack should I get? Frankly speaking, there is no one-colour-suits-all answer for this question. It varies based on people's personal preferences. If you’re too confused, grab a black backpack since black goes with literally everything.

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